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Handing Out Seed Money so That Black Tech Startups Can Grow – The Root

With black entrepreneurs making up only 1 percent of founders at tech startups that receive funding, some organizations are working to change the game.

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Raleigh will ask residents about technology habits | News and Observer

The survey will collect demographic information as well as information about digital habits. Its goal is to help the city create targeted programs that respond to the needs of residents. “We can see the impact, we just need to measure it now,” said Brittney Cofield-Poole (ME!), community outreach specialist for the IT department. She will oversee the collection of the survey. Finding out what people need from a municipal IT department is part of a larger four-year effort, Roper said. It was important to her to lead the department to become more community-focused and fill in digital gaps. via Raleigh will ask residents about technology habits | News and Observer News and Observer.

Google Fiber Is Coming To Raleigh To Bring City Residents Ultra-High Speed Internet Access |

Today, Mayor McFarlane announced that Google Fiber is coming to Raleigh. Improving broadband speed and choice for residents has been a priority for Raleigh for some time. Raleigh applied for Google Fiber in 2010, joined North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN), and completed the Google Fiber checklist last year.

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VIDEO: ‘With technology I didn’t have to sell my body’

Angelica Ross (Photo: Twitter)

Angelica Ross is the founder of Trans Tech, a Chicago-based organization dedicated to “to educate, employ & empower people in the LGBTQIA community with a focus on trans.” Ross appeared on Shift MSNBC to discuss her story and highlight the work of Trans Tech.

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Future Career Smoothie: Blending Community, Tech & Empowerment into my Dream Job

Throughout my time in graduate school I have had many ideas about how I wanted to affect change. However every time I read a research article or took a new course my vision was swiftly re-imagined. Throughout all of this transition the core of what I wanted to do always stayed the same which was to empower youth. Initially my interests were centered in adolescent health and then literacy. Shortly after that I decided that teacher education was my path. Finally on a desperate search for Thesis data I crash landed into  Youth Civic Engagement. After I immersed myself into this literature I never looked back. While diving into research and data here’s what I found:

  1. Research centered on youth civic engagement is a small but growing body of knowledge
  2. Research on minority youth and civic engagement is virtually non existent
  3. There is an interesting concept known as Digital Citizenship

In between proposing, writing and defending my Master’s Thesis I also found myself working in local government on a progressive digital literacy program. My previous community experiences had all been volunteer based:

  • Outreach focused on increasing Census counts in under-served and under-counted communities within SE Raleigh
  • Assisting with the final development and promotion of a service learning curriculum
  • Volunteering at the Boys & Girls club

They all gave me a chance to engage in challenging and grassroots level community work but I still had yet to find my personal niche. What I found in my thesis is that minority youth are indeed engaged and contextual factors like age and personal experience impact their choice to do so. Furthermore scholarship tells us that the definition of “civic engagement” is evolving. In other words traditional notions of politically based definitions of civil participation is not reflected in this new crop of youth. Instead they are crowd sourcing their information and connecting through virtual ties.

Following my thesis and in the thick of my responsibilities at work a light bulb went off. It hit me that technology is an all encompassing phenomena driving innovation but more importantly it can also be a source of empowerment. The current generation of youth are tech-savvy particularly in a recreational capacity. Therefore I propose using technology as a conduit for engaging young people.

So how does all of this lead to my professional epiphany? I realized that technology and civic engagement are synergistic forces that intrigue me as a scholar. Ultimately I would like to work for a company that seeks to go beyond “outreach” and instead focuses on “community inclusion” by providing opportunities to facilitate civic tech skills by serving as a neighborhood Hub. An organization that recognizes the endless potential that young people have to share loudly with the world their innovative ideas for change. A place that also recognizes that empowerment does not equate charity and understands that it is enhanced through raising critical consciousness, knowledge acquisition and efficacious experiences.

Dream Job Graphic

Those are the ingredients necessary for my future career!

Stay Tuned!