Brilliant & Brown

The What

For those of you that know me well you understand that I am always seeking to build something. Many of you have asked me “what do you want to do once you are finished with your degree?” which can be a very challenging question to answer.  As a Community Psychologist the possibilities are endless since our skills are meant to be adaptable to the needs of the communities we work to empower.  However, as I come to a close of my PhD journey I have begun to contemplate how I might use my skills, knowledge and credentials as a platform to continuously bring light to communities of color. How do I hope to accomplish this you ask?

Through digital story telling!

To give you an idea of what type of content I would like to create please check out my Brilliant & Brown  FB page.

The Why

So many of the current representations of communities of color circulated by mass media lack positivity, hope and innovation. Therefore, I am seeking your support through financial contributions to kick start my journey into changing that narrative of detriment into one of progress. I want to tell you a story that is born out of triumph (and not defeat). I want to paint you a picture of perseverance (instead of pain). I want to capture voices that encourage creativity (not simply survival).

My goal is to accomplish this through my brainchild “Brilliant & Brown”.

The How

Brilliant & Brown is a movement dedicated to celebrating the brilliance and beauty that resides within communities of color. My goal is to curate and craft poignant and positive representations of progress[MB1] . Although I do not have much experience in documentary film making I do have access to a wonderful local creative hub here in the Triangle. I would like to begin with basic equipment in hopes that success from future projects will allow me to expand my toolkit.

Here’s what your donation would support!

Macbook Pro 15 inch

Cost: $1,999.00

More Info

GoPro Hero4 Black Camera

Cost: $499.00

More Info

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Cost: $40.00

More Info

Trademark Fee-To secure the name “Brilliant & Brown”

Cost: $225.00-325.00

More Info



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