REVEREA = Realizing Every Vision: Education, Recreation, Engagement & Arts

The REVEREA initiative is inspired by the word  “reverie” which means “a fantastic, visionary, or impractical idea”. It is often thought that some youth succeeding in this world is an “impractical idea”. This misconception is frequently associated with individuals that come from under served communities and more  often than not includes youth of color.


My time in graduate school has afforded me many opportunities to work directly with youth and youth-serving organizations. My training in community psychology has prepared me to look at the world through a “social-ecological” lens (See Figure Below). This involves taking into account  that there are a multitude of factors that can impact an individuals circumstances. My population of interest is youth (13-21) and for them factors of influence can include family dynamics, peer groups, school environment and their neighborhoods. Informally what I have found to be highly influential are knowledge access, exposure, opportunity, technology and family structure.

Social Ecological Model

Visual of the Social Ecological Model


For the present time this blog will be dedicated to my personal exploration the social impact of technology from various perspectives (i.e. Digital Inclusion). I will also share my musings about meaningful community engagement and my transition from the “grad student” into civic centered professional. Finally, this space will be an ongoing conduit for sharing youth-based resources I come across related to STEM, Civic Engagement, Recreation, Arts & Education!

-Stay Tuned!


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