Figuring Out My Professional Trajectory

Since my first few posts back in the Fall of 2013 there has been an evolution in my professional interests which I now dub Community Digital Inclusion Advocacy! I fell into this awesome work as a result of my responsibilities in my current position. Luckily I have also been fortunate enough to marry my professional interests with my requirements for finishing my PhD. Currently I am gradually working my way through my last graduate milestone known as THE DISSERTATION. Now that I know that there is a light at the end of the grad school tunnel I have begun to ponder my next career transition. What do I consider essential characteristics of an ideal organization to work for you ask?! I shall enlighten you below:

  • Public policy focused–> On digital inclusion as it relates to:
    • Digital literacy
    • Education
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Capital Enhancement
    • Youth Development
  • Community engagement & empowerment centered
    • Promotes resource creation and self-sufficiency within communities
  • Prioritizes social good and organizational responsibility
    • Encourages consciousness raising employee engagement i.e. community mentorship
  • Is culturally relevant and responsive
    • Interested in learning the nuances of the communities they are collaborating with and builds with them
  • Collective impact & collaboration centered
    • Values the significance of holistic partnership building
  • Sets standards of good practice 
  • Provides opportunities for upward mobility

As I continue to develop my skills I remain confident that I will land in the hands of a like-minded organization where I will be challenged in ways that shape me into a solid advocate for digital inclusion.

Stay Tuned!


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